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The pitch deck serves an important purpose: From an investor’s perspective, it is your business card. It is the key for being invited by a potential investor to pitch your business. They need something to help them judge quickly, whether your business fits to their investment focus or not. If you want to raise money, investing on a great pitch deck is money well spent.

  • Introduction - Who are we and why we're here? Keep it Short and Simple (KISS!
  • Team - People behind the idea. Briefly describe their role!
  • Problem - What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Solution - How are we solving it?
  • Vision & Value Proposition!
  • USP - What makes our solution special?
  • Product - How does the product/service work?
  • Traction - Measurable set of customers!
  • Target Market (TAM, SAM, SOM)  - Know, the size of the target market!
  • Competition - Alternative solutions to the problem?
  • Business model - How are you planning to generate revenue?
  • Customer Acquisition!
  • How to Scale Revenue - Project the yearly revenues!
  • Investing - Planned budget? How the spend will be?
  • Exit Strategy - For the investors

Order with us  and you'll be glad you did!,


Redesign: 10 existing slides redesign. Standard Designs (Market research not included).
Unlimited Revisions.
4 Days Delivery
₹ 13,125
10 Slides Investor Pitch Deck with the given content. Standard Design (Market research not included).
Unlimited Revisions.
5 Days Delivery
₹ 24,625
Complete Pitchdeck : 15 slides of design, content along with Partial Market Research secondary data.
Unlimited Revisions.
7 Days Delivery
₹ 37,125

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